MY SAY : Now We Wait Hope And Pray

About the author:

Mataeliga Pio Sioa, Newsline Samoa newspaper editor. A veteran journalist in broadcast and print media.

  • Community and international support for the national emergency effort have been overwhelming as early as when the NEOC was just setting up  as seen here with the donation by the BSP Bank
    Community and international support for the national emergency effort have been overwhelming as early as when the NEOC was just setting up as seen here with the donation by the BSP Bank

For the past few weeks now we have fought and we have mourned.  Still the measles virus would not relent. So do we.

What choice do we have? Our fight is for our survival. 

We have not been alone in our struggles and we are indeed indebted to the help and assistance, pouring in from our nearby neighbours and further out into our wider global community.

Whether it is from the influenza, tsunami or the measles, death is death and all the emotions that goes with it, are the same when or where the call comes.

The loss and the heartbreak will take time to heal or to deal with.

We have to live through the pain of asking why it happened or should someone or something be blamed.

Somewhere in the midst of our pain we accept there will never be any answer to restore the loss of our loved ones taken by the epidemic.

 These are normal emotions we all go through, most of all in this epidemic the parents whose loved ones are gone.

These are children.  The most loved members of the family for their innocence and the joys of the goodness and of a pure heart that we as adults cherish so much. 

We yearn for the simple, carefree passage of their young lives that we know so well because once we were children. 

We see reflected in who they are and what they do, the moments that we only now appreciate with the wisdom of our maturity as adults.

This epidemic is a test for us in many ways as a nation. How do we respond as a people? Above all else how responsible are with the role we must play?

 Unwavering, decisive leadership is first and foremost a must and it is hard to see a wrong step in the actions we have taken so far.

The outcomes of the declared state of emergency and the two day shut down are yet to be officially determined by our medical authorities

Has it worked or not? This is now the question hanging upon us as we count the days we are supposed to wait and the signs we must look for.

The updated reports in the past few days have seen the death rate fluctuate between 2 and 3 mostly within a 24 hour cycle.

New measles cases have basically steadied.  Yet the reaction from our medical authorities remained very cautious and conservative.

Of course we cannot argue with their caution.  At least we can lift our hopes which should help explain the wary reaction from health authorities.

Be careful of raising our hopes too high only to suffer crushing disappointments.

These are professionals and their credibility put them on a special pedestal of respect.  Trust in their expert opinion is critical going forward in maintaining our resolve to carry on the fight.

Public reaction to our red rag/flag call to arms for the emergency mass vaccination was huge.   How inspiring it was to see people wait around the side of the road for their vaccine shot.

The general consensus after our mass vaccination run of last week is to wait for what should start to unfold in the next week or so.

So we wait.  We stay healthy. We hope and pray. 

What must be done has been done and continues to be done.

Lest we forget,  if it finally shows in the coming weeks that the epidemic is at the end of its run, the process of full recovery is equally critical as well, so we are told.

We are told never to lose our vigilance until we are finally free to drop our face masks and breath freely again.

Our fight for survival especially our young ones are not over until the doctor prescribes us a smile to take home.

Keep going.