MY SAY : Not The Right Time Or Place

About the author:

Mataeliga Pio Sioa, Newsline Samoa newspaper editor. A veteran journalist in broadcast and print media.

  • TTM National Hospital Doctors Fuimaono Aleki and Monalisa Punivalu takes a short breather outside the corridors
    TTM National Hospital Doctors Fuimaono Aleki and Monalisa Punivalu takes a short breather outside the corridors

The anti vaccinators had their reasons the same as that ‘cancan’ water fella, to do and say what they believe.

The only difference was the time and place for them to make their stand was off.

While the country was in the throes of the measles epidemic killing spree, fighting to save lives and stop the spread of the virus was paramount.

Nobody wanted to hear about some medical/scientific findings in some obscure place nobody cares where, to prove that the measles vaccination is bad.

Even worse are claims that it will do nothing except reduce the immune system and eventually kill a child.

Please! Nobody wants to hear that while anxious and worried at the threat the measles pose to loved ones especially our children.

Credibility is on the side of the doctors work. All hopes are based around what they recommend and are doing to save the victims.

Running down a choice of medical treatment universally accepted to save and protect the victims at a time of so much uncertainty is not help. 

If the anti-vaxxers are to be believed and people do reject the doctors treatment, on whose head should the runaway death toll rests?  

While the rush is on to save lives the doctors and nurses are at the frontline.  When your heart takes over and you are still on your feet long after your endurance tank ran empty, what you need is encouragement and support not doubt and ridicule.

The anti-vaxxers are guilty of doing that. If there is ever any validity in their claims why bring it up now?

If they are serious about their medical beliefs why not get on with practicing them on those who believed in them?

Save on the talk and get stuck into practicing the preach rather than wasting energy running down the other health workers.

The focus is on saving lives not bad mouthing the vaccines that are medically approved.

Let the doctors and nurses do their work while you do yours.  If whatever you prescribe works, you save yourself the talk by letting your work speaks for itself.

Your credibility from saving lives stands you well in your cause.

The deadly measles virus is the enemy. We have to target all our firepower on them and not on ourselves.

The results filtering through for most of this week has been encouraging that the  epidemic spread maybe slowing down. 

The next week or so is going to be closely monitored and if it does turn out that the measles run is stopped then we have much to celebrate.

Guess who is going to take full credit? Guess where your anti-vaccination claims are going to end up.

The ‘can can’ water fella did what he believed in. Agreed it was a commercial water like all the other bottled waters on the shop shelves.

We would also rather not speculate on the business he made from its usage.

The guy believed in the healing powers his ‘can can’ water held and did not require to be medically tested. 

If people agreed with him and preferred his treatment to the anti-vaxxers or the hospital, why not.

Making choices is a basic human right whether it is right or wrong, good or bad, legal or illegal, godly or ungodly.

Where he went wrong is when he opened his mouth and spoke like an anti-vaccinator.

Our traditional healers went about quietly administering to the sick without trying to loudly assert or run down formal medical treatment.

Parents even took their children out of the hospital willingly to seek traditional healing.  Whether it worked or not is not the issue.

Unlike the anti-vaxxers and the water healer, these men and women traditional home doctors applied their special skills to try and heal without mouthing off about it.

There is a marked difference there. On one side we have the majority who stuck into their work with little talk.  The others was into too much talk and little work.

There is a famous saying by a movie character that sums up well this difference.

“If you come to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk”