Dear Oh Dear….. late SSLC Exam Ticks The Box

  • Fallout students unwinding in the shade after the Tuesday exam paper
    Fallout students unwinding in the shade after the Tuesday exam paper

So the teachers are worried about the students going through the motions in the SSLC exam!  Makes a lot of sense, especially when you’re a teacher.

When you face a student for a whole year, you’d probably feel the same as the teachers. Nobody knows the students better in a learning environment than them.

But the people who are behind the exam are teachers too. So they too would know. 

Folks that is where the mystery of the SSLC exam lies.  No common sense needed to know that when you let the pressure of exams off the kids for a month, they’re easily distracted.

So if the teachers and the examiners know all that, then this SSLC exam is simply going through the motions too.  Surely!

Here’s a thought. It doesn’t matter if 90 per cent of the students failed. As long as they went through the process, then they have ticked a must tick box.

Rather than scale the marks down, the marks can be scaled up to pass the kids.  Heard that is allowed but we’ll see how transparent the examiners are with their exam results when they come out.

Students need to show a SSLC grade to step up to a higher level of study and that means sitting the exam.

Makes perfect sense doesn’t it.  Takes brain matter to get that rolling and teachers are known to have lots of the stuff.  Isn’t that why they’re teachers?

“….aren’t you sorry you’re not one, dear?