Dear Oh Dear …the eyes have it

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  • Among the eyes that have seen much since the measles epidemic started
    Among the eyes that have seen much since the measles epidemic started

Ever thought about how this measles epidemic has put so much strain in the eyes because of the heart?

It normally starts off with a lump in the chest.  It comes in varying weights, light, medium, heavy and super heavy.

The heart holds the remote control. When people and organisations donate service or assistance, the lump is heavy but light medium.

When you imagine those doctors, nurses and all the other people working close to collapsing from the long hours of non stop work, the lump becomes a struggle with the chest lump.

When infected children runs out of strength to fight the virus while the parents and everyone who fought to save them looks on helpless, that is a super heavy lump.

Every time a super heavy lump weighs on the chest, the painful, heartbreaking, emotions the heart pumps out by the gallons, are carried for release by the eyes.

Light, medium, heavy, super heavy it doesn’t matter.  The eyes job is to bear the tears so the emotions may be released so the person may grieve and mourn.

If you’re to weigh it out in a vote, the eyes have it.

“….are you trying to ruin my eyes, dear?