Team Leader Doctor Welcomed Call Up To Volunteer

A combined team of Samoan overseas general practitioners, surgeons and anesthetists, mostly from New Zealand, are rounding up their final week of a two weeks voluntary help out at the TTM Hospital to give the local staff a working break.

Consulting surgeon in Adelaide, Australia, Leafitaitu Dr Jimmy Eteuati is at the 7-member team

His team is the second to follow in on a two weeks voluntary work arrangement under the Samoan Doctors Worldwide Volunteer Service (SDWVS).

 No Plan B For Schools In Any Future Epidemic

Schools will simply close down and all exams cancelled in any future health epidemic similar to the measles outbreak of last November and December 2019.

There is no Plan B to be set for major exams as far as the Education Minister, Loau Keneti Sio, is concerned, when it comes to any deadly disease that kills children.

Key end of year exams like the SSLC and SSC were cancelled and schools closed early for health safety reasons when the measles virus turned viral.

Director General Diffuse $40 Health Vaccination Card Uproar

PRESS RELEASE :  The Ministry of Health had not authorized the $40 tala fee and was also not aware that staff had unilaterally impose the fee to acquire the vaccination records for school enrolment.

As a result, Director General of Health, Leausa Dr. Take Naseri had instructed staff members to cease any fees immediately charged when informed of the situation last Friday.

Memorable Moments Of Epidemic For Registered Transgender Nurse  

Deidre Fanene

Registered transgender nurse and midwife, Tiara Tuulua, will never forget dealing with pregnant women during the measles outbreak

The 33 year old who had been a registered nurse since 2009 added the measles epidemic as a second lifetime experience, of a natural disaster she was directly involved with.

Rare Family Of Doctors Working From The Heart

Teams of overseas medical professionals doing voluntary work for the measles epidemic in Samoa have included a group of doctors who stood out as siblings from one family.

Doctors Sarah, Sebastian, Miriam and Mosese are brothers and sisters in a family of 9, five of them doctors – 2 sisters and 3 brothers, all based in New Zealand.

One of the doctor brothers, Luke, missed out from volunteering in Samoa because he was needed for work commitment at home.

State Of Recovery Cranks Into Life As State of Emergency Ends

By Staff Writer

The measles epidemic state of emergency is now lifted and the attention shifts immediately to the recovery state.

The 2 weeks extension made it 6 straight weeks since Samoa was placed under a state of emergency and was due to run out out on Sunday 29th of December 2019 after.

The measles epidemic run has slowed down markedly it no longer warrants any further extension.

Mortuary Assistant Struggled With Tragedy Of Children  

When mortuary assistant and heath porter, Kerisimasi Teo, started at his new job at the TTM Hospital 4 months ago, he never imagined having to deal with the tragedy of children dying every day.

He was slowly settling into his new job when the measles epidemic struck.

Instead of the normal flow of mostly adult bodies, children were being wheeled in daily from the measles.

Behind them would be parents and other family members struggling with their emotions.

Dear Oh Dear……the power of human rights and freedom of choice

Unless you don’t want an education for your children, get them vaccinated as it is so decreed.

If you’re going to raise stink about rights and freedom of choice, you are perfectly within your basic human rights to do so.

Stand by your rights and proclaim to the heavens your freedom of choice.

When you have done that, catch a flight or a boat out of Samoa with your family and find another place to practice whatever makes you happy.

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