Dear Oh Dear……me measles and me self Your Honour

The court judge has a point about people using the measles outbreak not to turn up to be sentenced or for hearings of criminal charges they are up against.

Hey the excuse is hard not to accept with all the fears we have about catching the virus.

Even the court has canceled some of its hearing in the youth and family courts for the same reason – there you are.

Ordinary super heroes

...where medical doctors like this prominent, respected member of the profession, Dr. Satupaitea 'Satu'  Viali, is a life saviour to a lot of his patients.  The sick depend on him and his other medical colleagues to restore them to good health. 

When they do, they become idolised as super heroes with healing powers. 'Superman Satu' does have a ring to it.

Dear Oh Dear…..you can run but if you have measles you can’t hide

A young female measles case was supposedly admitted for treatment. After a while the busy hospital staff discovered she was missing.  Looked around everywhere and she had vanished.

To the experienced staff this happens all the time.   A missing patient would be reported and then left it there.

But this time they were not taking any chances. The police were called in and the hunt was underway to find her and they reportedly did.

Dear Oh Dear…..a shower or two a day keeps the measles away

This is a true story folks.  A family with a three months old baby has set strict rules at home for all members returning from work, a trip to Apia or anywhere out of the house.

Head straight for the showers for a full body wash before you touch the baby or even venture anywhere close.

In only a week or so since the rule was enforced, the family grandmother, is starting to feel the strain of two to three showers a day.

MY SAY : We Are Putting Up A Fight. Keep The Faith.

Everywhere you click on the main online news sites these past few days, the measles epidemic in Samoa sits right up there with the top events of the world.

We would prefer the massive publicity to be about the outbreak of fresh hopes for a safer environment from climate change, unfortunately, it is not.

Our Blue Pacific continent is in more troubles and one of its flagship islands is hoisting a warning red flag of poor health.

Dear Oh Dear…..watch out for those eyes in the sky

So our Commish Fuiavailili is finally sold on drones after the success of that big drug raid at the Faleatiu marijuana plantations.  He wasn’t all keen on it at first.  He had his doubts about flying them along the seawall to police against troublemakers but it looks like he’s ‘seen the light.’

Just wondering how low the object flew at Faleatiu recently?

Only In Samoa

...where the heart goes out to the children of Samoa who are the ones most at risk in our measles epidemic.

Just reflecting on how schools gave so much to hosting our Pacific Games this year. It was a national commitment from schools around Samoa.

Hours and hours were spent in preparations to welcome the hundreds of athletes for the Games in the sun and rain. 

MY SAY :  It Sucks But We Will Just Have To Suck It Up

Officially our holiday season is in tatters. We are on lock down mode with the official state of emergency declared on our measles epidemic on Friday night.

Yesterday the legal orders came down, serious and firm.

Since the outbreak became official the health advisory was for the general public not to congregate in groups.

When the call came about 5 weeks ago only 70 cases were suspected.  We are now past 700 or 10 times what we started off with.

Dear Oh Dear…. finger pointing doesn’t matter anymore

The NZ media carried a story about a suspected measles case on a flight from Apia to Auckland, who unknowingly exposed the passengers to the infectious disease.

After a quick glancing read a thought suddenly jumped up.  What’s the big deal?

 If all these people are getting off in Auckland, what’s one person compared to 2000 confirmed cases of measles waiting for these travellers to arrive?

 In the end they will be exposed to the virus one way or another. 

Only in Samoa

...where you don't argue with these guys. When they point the finger at where you go...just go. 

Look closely and you'll see he's holding in his hand at the same time a pen.  Somewhere in his shirt or pants is his little notebook to take down your name and all the other details needed to issue you a citation or ticket for traffic violation.  These fellas don't like talking too much. So when they point...move it. 

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