Dear Oh Dear ……beware the corner turn

  • Judiciary past the 'bend' in the road
    Judiciary past the 'bend' in the road

“But in the words of a well-known quotation, “a bend is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn.”

Hmmm….now that is quite an interesting one coming from the acting CJ Vui. 

So if you fail to make the turn, then in real terms you struck the fence and into some cows unfortunate enough to be chewing the cud under the shades of the paddock trees.

But that is providing you were driving a car.  If you were running and failed to take the turn that is highly unlikely, unless you slipped and tore your pants and left embarrassingly naked.

Better if that is the case then breaking your leg or a bodily part more serious and physically painful than your modesty.

“I believe we have turned the corner and emerge better and stronger for the journey,” those were the ending words by Vui.

If that is so then all the best to our distinguished members of the bench for 2020.

“….about time they appoint Vui as the new CJ, dear?