Dear Oh Dear……roll in Sir John Rowles

  • Sir John Rowles
    Sir John Rowles

John Rowles is coming to Samoa!!! He’s a kiwi star entertainer whose been around for a while.

So great to finally have some real star entertainers coming our way.

Actually the kiwi music icon is a knight of the British Empire and is to be formally addressed as Sir John Edward Rowles.

Picked that up off Google. He’s also in his early 70s in case any young ladies are interested.  Not questioning the interest in the senior ladies.

The man was huge in the late 60s and 70s and struck it big time with his song ‘Cheryl Moana Marie’. No it was not about his lost girlfriend or wife, the song was about his younger sister.

His more romantic hit ‘If I only had time’ made him a major star in the UK…

Now why did he wait this long to come to Samoa? Good question.  Who would ask that, you may wonder.

“….your former girlfriend or maybe your ex-wife, dear?